8 different stat upgdrades in the diep.io game

  1. Movement Speed – Increases movement speed of your tank
  2. Bullet Penetration – Bullets go through obstacles and players
  3. Max Health – Increases the maximum life
  4. Reload – Interval decreased bullets
  5. Body Damage – Improves the damage caused by collision with other players or obstacles
  6. Health Regen – Increases the life recovery rate of your tank
  7. Bullet Damage – Improves the damage caused by projectile
  8. Bullet Speed – Increases the speed of the projectile
8 diep io

8 diep io

You’ll want to consider the types of players you see on the board at the time. And you’ll also want to add complimentary upgrades the Tank class, you are going to choose. Click diep.io to play now.

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