Upgrade Tips and Strategies in Diep.io

Upgrade Tips and Strategies in Diep.io

Upgrade Tips and Strategies in Diep.io

Diep.io Strategy #1 – by Wantopoz on Reddit

  • Dirty and quick strategy for this.
  • Shoot 2 of the blue pentagons and max out health regen.
  • Pick sniper class.
  • Then start ramming into things and max out body damage.
  • Pick overseer class. Now max out health.
  • Now look for the sea of pentagons and ram them all be careful.
  • Max out movement.
  • And put the remaining points in reload.
  • And pick mega overseer class.
  • Use the little triangles to corner the weak tanks and ram into them. Or use them as cover from the more powerful tanks as you ram into them. You are vulnerable to machine guns and triple guns pointed in the same direction. Avoid them.

Diep.io Strategy #2 –by Atari4600  on Acid Forums

  • For consistency and a small chance of dying at the start would be 6, 6, 0, 7, 5, 7, 0, 2 [Twin – Triple]
  • For absolute domination, pure brutality, and my favorite
  • 6, 6, 0, 7, 7, 7, 0, 0 [Sniper – Overseer – Overlord]
  • I haven’t experimented much but the destroyed class [Machine gun – Destroyer – Destroyer]
  • 6, 6, 7, 0, 0, 0, 7, 7 Great for body damage (and you can use the destroyed for great boosts into people

Diep.io Strategy #3 – by fuck_you_its_a_name on Reddit

  • Focus on movement speed and health regen. Once you’ve maxed regen, focus on body damage and finish movement speed. Also, get some max health as well. Stop shooting blocks, just run them over for xp, it is much faster. Your regen will help. Skip all damage / penetration / whatever. You won’t really ever shoot at anyone.
  • Go machine gun class, and then DESTROYER class. Max out body damage, health, regen, movement speed. When you shoot, there is high knockback on your ship. Shoot backwards, and propel yourself into unsuspecting ships, instantly killing them with your body damage. Put the rest of your points into reload speed.

Diep.io Strategy #4 – by FPTN on Reddit

  • Get to level 15 and upgrade to a Twin
  • Max out Bullet Damage and Reload (alternate between)
  • Add a point into Health Regen
  • Get to level 30 and upgrade to a Triplet (NOT Triple-shot!)
  • Max out Bullet Penetration
  • Max out Bullet Speed
  • Add the rest into Max Health

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